How Authentic Are They?

Complete this assessment for someone else. You will be able to enter their email before you complete the quiz in order for to provide them with anonymous feedback.

Consider each of the questions in the self-test below and decide if you Strongly Agree, Agree, Somewhat Agree, Disagree, or Strongly Disagree with the statements made about the level of authenticity in your life.

1. I would describe this person as having a fulfilling, meaningful life
2. They are clear about their personal values and live in alignment with what matters to them
3. This person is predictably stable, poised under pressure
4. They are making a positive difference in the world
5. This person is self-aware
6. This person likes him/herself
7. They are aware of their unique talents while remaining humble
8. This person is relaxing to be around
9. This is a non-controlling person
10. This person lives what they espouse; they walk the talk
11. I can trust this person to be honest
12. I feel supported and connected by this person
13. This person can be counted on to honor their promises
14. I like being around this person
15. This person has good people skills
16. This person handles negative feelings (e.g. anger frustration, fear, etc.) in a positive way
17. They are comfortable with who they are, at peace with themselves
18. This person lives a balanced life
19. I would call this person somebody who cares
20. This person is living with a sense of purpose, a life they are meant to live