Fostering Well-Being in Times of Mental Fatigue – The Authentic Way

Brenda is a project manager at a large financial services company. For the past year, she has been leading a team tasked with developing a new product line on a tight deadline. She’s been working 60-70 hours/week, constantly juggling demands from her team, executive, and her clients. She has had to make numerous high-stake decisions […]

13th Annual World Religions Conference

I had the good fortune of moderating the panel at the 13th Annual World Religions Conference in Cochrane this week, where we discussed Truth and Faith: How do we Know What to Believe? The evening was intended to “embrace the mosaic of world religions and philosophies… where faiths converge & understanding prevails…” We indeed witnessed […]

What does it take to be a good listener?

When a friend asked if my ability to listen came naturally or I had to intentionally learn it, her question got me thinking.I certainly don’t see myself as a great listener all the time. I have to keep working at it. I developed my skill of listening when I was an insecure kid. Riveted with […]

How to practice walking the talk with your values

I believe values need to be aspirational, not descriptive. The best values inspire you to better actions, not just define your current state. This is true with organizational values as much as it is with personal values. For example, I have, historically, had a problem with control, anxiety, and patience. When I don’t have control […]

Don’t seek a promotion if you want a raise.

I see it all the time. People seeking a promotion to get more money. And they do it by making a good impression, pleasing their boss, looking good. But, if your motive to get a promotion is to get a raise you’ll likely make a lousy boss. We’ve got to stop equating increased compensation with […]

The Art Of Authentic Window Cleaning

The Art Of Authentic Window Cleaning Two things that inspire me are people who have found their passion in life and people who use that passion to become masters of their craft. Sandy Hutcheson, who founded Cochrane Window Cleaners thirty years ago, inspires me. He just spent the weekend washing our windows. A true gentlemen […]

What would you like from your parents?

“What would you rather receive from your parents: a rich financial inheritance with no character and values, or character and values with no money?” I’ve learned that with character and values you can create wealth and much more. This week I’ve been sorting through some stuff we’ve accumulated over the past fifty plus years, sorting […]

The Leader’s Navigator Podcast

My daughter Hayley and I have been doing a podcast together since June of 2022. We have a wonderful time together and have shared over 60 episodes. If you haven’t listened yet, we would love to have you pop by and check out a few episodes. Some of our most recent topics include: • Episode […]

What’s the difference between tension and relaxation?

I hate to admit it, but I have spent a good part of my life trying to live up to an image to impress others. I call it impression management. It’s exhausting managing impressions and constantly regulating myself. There’s a constant fear of doing something that doesn’t correspond with the image I am trying to […]

Your phone is not your friend.

“People have always tended to be the servants of their technologies.” -Marshall McLuhan Many couples have come to me for counseling who are actually “too married.” That is, they have an “enmeshed relationship,” characterized by a lack of boundaries, loss of individual identity, and fear of abandonment. In essence, they have no relationship with themselves […]