How do we acknowledge – and honour – those that have passed on?

Success guru Napoleon Hill teaches that when two or more people blend the energies of their minds in harmony, a sort of “third brain” or powerful “Master Mind” is formed that can recharge their brains, refine their ideas, and provide support and inspiration. He also believed you can form your own “cabinet of invisible counselors” […]

How do we accept that we can’t do it all and prioritize what is truly essential?

I have been supporting a friend through the slow decline of her mother as they withdraw her life support. Dying has a powerful and uncanny way of slowing us down, getting our attention, and awakening us to what truly matters. There is a lot of expectation and confusion about what is truly important in our […]

Every decision we make brings us closer or further away from the life we want.

Do you agree or disagree? If you agree, every decision becomes important, so how do we make the right ones? The central purpose of my work is to help people connect with their true nature and express it consciously in their life and work. I contend that the life we ultimately want is a life […]

A Firm Mind or an Infirm Mind

As I write this, it’s -40 degrees on the thermometer outside our kitchen window. That’s what most of the Canadian Prairies have been dealing with this weekend. When I hear about cities running buses for homeless people to sleep in, I am filled with gratitude for having a warm home. When I went to unplug […]

Looking at things objectively – It’s about awareness, ownership, and personal responsibility

As humans, we bring our moods, perceptions, and views of the world into our interactions. It could be imposing a tone on an email or making assumptions about what someone is asking. We might come to work in a bad mood after an argument with our spouse and take it out on a team member. […]

We don’t see the world as it is. We see the world as we are.

A story that circulated in my family growing up was about a couple of mischievous boys who wanted to play a joke on their grandpa. While he napped, they rubbed some Limburger cheese in his mustache. When grandpa awoke, he sniffed and said, “It stinks in here!” He walked into the kitchen, sniffed around and […]

Find Your Inspired Leadership in 2024

In today’s professional world, the relationship between energy and success is clear: Energy can drive leaders to succeed, and energy can drive you out the door to work. Every relationship, every decision, every action either depletes us or inspires us. Producing extraordinary results on your team requires attention to energy. It is vital for leaders […]

The Human Need To Be Seen

Being on a jumbotron, whether at a sporting event, concert, or public gathering, can elicit various reactions depending on your personality and comfort level with attention. The most common, however, is excitement and enthusiasm. It’s a human need to be seen. We all need to know that we matter. To know that we make a […]

The Understated Value of Community And Lasting Friendships

In the small community in Central Alberta where I was raised, I was part of a band of five “brothers” – close friends whose early lives were intimately woven together by our families, our faith, and our deep and sustaining friendships. We spent our formative years roaming the ravine behind the church, playing games at […]

The Value Of A Technology Sabbatical and the Importance of Connection

This holiday season I turned off everything digital for ten days. I didn’t check my emails or messages. I didn’t touch social media. I didn’t post anything. I didn’t go into my office. I devoted my time to be with family, rest, meditate, practice yoga, spend time in nature, read, and take care of myself. […]