LIVING AND LEADING WITH AUTHENTICITY: How We’ve Missed The Mark – And How We Can Correct It

A lightening rod attracts power by its mere presence. The same goes for great leaders with substance, depth, and strength of character. Authenticity has come under considerable criticism of late – and rightly so. Leaders have exposed too much of themselves in the wrong way and have lost credibility in an effort to be “authentic.” […]

Quitting. How to know when it’s time.

Derek Wills, the radio voice for the Calgary Flames was recently asked if he has given up on the Flames this year. At the time of the interview, the team was six points out of a playoff spot with less than ten games remaining. His response was, “Fellas, I have a bad habit of not […]

How Do You Lead When Your Boss Can’t

We’ve all had them or met them: dismissive, insensitive, controlling, absent, volatile, or mean bosses who lack vision, compassion, or purpose. People who suck the energy out of the room. Here’s a few suggestions for dealing with difficult people: Embrace the situation. When you’re invested with people, you are going to be frustrated from time […]

Psychological Safety – What Horses Have To Teach Us

This past weekend I had the good fortune of attending Wayfinder Wellnesses’ Equine Wellness Workshop It’s based on the principle that horses are good for the human spirit. It was a program open to First Responders, Military, Veterans, and their Spouses who have been psychologically injured in their work. We learned, through an incredibly […]

A Path To Better Leadership

I recently was sitting with a friend while he was conversing with his sister who is single and worried that she won’t find a life-partner. She wanted advice from her brother. As I know them both well, she didn’t mind my listening in. ‘’How can I find a good husband?” she asked. My friend’s response […]

It is my privilege to serve on the Board of the Wayfinders Wellness Organization.

It is my privilege to serve on the Board of the Wayfinders Wellness Organization. This is a registered non-profit organization, whose goal is to build a safe space for military and first responders who have suffered PTSD. This community includes First Responders, Military, Veterans, and their families. We are peers helping each other navigate mental […]

Three strategies for responding to bullying.

From my research and observation of people over the past four decades, I have come to believe all behavior has positive intent. This means any behavior we might label as destructive, has, from another viewpoint, a beneficial purpose. For example, from the perspective of a bully, intimidating or harassing others can be a way of […]

Bullies make bad boxers

There’s a saying in most boxing gyms: “Bullies make bad boxers.” We all know them. Big macho dudes in the gym thinking they’ll prove their worth by pounding on everyone smaller than them. But bullies are cowards. Afraid to expose their fears and insecurities. Ego maniacs with an inferiority complex. And it doesn’t take long […]

Boxes, Presents, and Presence…

Boxes, Presents, and Presence… This past weekend my sister was visiting. During our time together, we went through the “boxes.” You know the “boxes.” Ones you dig out of the basement that have old “stuff“ like your parents’ grade school report cards or your junior high basketball trophies or the letters your mother wrote to […]

What does recovery mean to you?

What does recovery mean to you? As a college track athlete, I learned that a good training program must include recovery days. Bill Bowerman transformed long-distance running in the 1960’s, when he introduced the notion of rest in his approach to training. To improve, you have to step back. In a Type A world, we […]