What Participants Say

What participants have said about The Other Everest

“I really have no words to completely describe my experience. […I cannot] fully describe the life-changing event that you set the stage for and made happen.  Truly, truly amazing. I look forward to continuing to grow with all that I absorbed and to nourishing all the new relationships.” – Launa Aspeslet, CEO, TRIO (Translational Research in Oncology)

“What a workshop! Thank you for allowing me to find my authentic self. It was a profound, life altering experience for me. To be immersed in a space of complete trust, kindness and support, was awe inspiring.” – Stu Keen, Deckham Enterprises

“I had the pleasure of attending “The Other Everest” retreat facilitated by David. This was the best decision I have made in a while.  I found it changed the way I view life situations and my reactions to them.  Everyone owes it to themselves to invest their time, energy and money for this worthwhile retreat.  Remember to take the time to be in the moment………” – Dana Overton, RCMP Victim Services, “K” Division

“The Other Everest allowed me to see light shine through my own faults … and allowed me to be a better mother, mentor, leader and coach. 

No words or pictures will ever describe what it felt like to be part of something that was so small but so profound.  We all had a calling to get there and to be there. Now our calling moving forward is to be our true selves so our light will warm others for days and years to come.” – Danielle Woroniuk, Academic Chair, Power Engineering Technology, NAIT

“As I arrived, I was filled with excitement and nervousness, I wasn’t really aware of what to expect other than the pre-reading I did on David. The first night was introduction and this is when it started – David, Julianna and Jeff immediately set the tone. They made the space we were meeting in very comfortable and safe to share. You did not feel judged or shy from anyone in the group, there was a sense that we were all there to learn more and dig deeper as we reflected inwards. There was a calmness in David’s persona(energy); I felt immediately close to him as he shared his personal experiences with the group. All I kept thinking was “ this man is greatness beyond any other I have witnessed”, so humble, so open, so passionate, and such a commander of humanness. The discussions throughout that David facilitated, followed up with Julianna’s and Jeff’s thoughts and conversations, were a complete compliment to each other.  This changed me. To reflect and be present. I had to digest all this information. Being in a group of strangers, bound by a team who were passionate on sharing their caring, love and human sides. I, too, wanted to share; I felt the same as the members in the group. The other members were engaged, insightful and respectful of everyone else. Again, the space and platform that David and his team created, was very serene.

We finished up the three days and there was a sense of longing for the retreat to continue. We all shared and reflected intimately with each other, we all bonded as group and grew as individuals. The bond was bound by David’s passion for life, his passion for caring, Julianna’s insight and Jeff’s soul workshop with morning yoga. My leadership is ever improving and evolving; I learned to be present, let it be. I learned I am passionate for people, to help others grow and be better humans. I learned about other people at the retreat who felt the same as me. I learned that caring is a success. I will never forget this experience, the people, the leaders of today and the love we all had for each other, and the peace we set forth to bring to all around us.

I am changed, I am present, I am full,

let what may come, come,

Be my best me, Share my passion for people with people,

Love, let my inner light shine,

Face the fear, 

Embrace the suck.”

– Chas Waitt, GSC, RSE, NCSO, General Superintendent, Chandos Construction

“During The Other Everest retreat, I experienced first-hand how I can see leadership in every single person when I take a strength-based mindset. An invaluable attitude I brought from the retreat to my workplace.
The Other Everest retreat built deep trust quickly. Now, I have a circle of leadership professionals who understand who I am and how we can support each other.

After The Other Everest retreat I started creating a authentic leadership development program in my own circles because I had seen its value and how to make it happen.

At The Other Everest retreat, David Irvine and his facilitation team built an atmosphere of radical vulnerability and positivity – exactly what the group needed to grow.” – Peter Imhof, Executive Director, Family Centre

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