Self-awareness Assessment

Self-Awareness Assessment

Consider each of the questions in the self-test below and decide if you Strongly Agree, Agree, Somewhat Agree, Disagree, or Strongly Disagree with the statements made about the level of authenticity in your life.

1. I am clear about the essential elements that matter most in my life
2. I enjoy getting out of bed most days and look forward to the day
3. I have several close friends or family members that I feel very comfortable with
4. I currently have specific goals that I am working towards
5. When something goes wrong, my first instinct is to take ownership rather than place blame
6. I am able to accept feedback from others without feeling defensive
7. I have clear boundaries, when necessary, that I openly communicate to others
8. I stand up for what I believe in
9. I am quick to admit a mistake when I realize I am wrong
10. I am quick to give credit and recognize the efforts and successes of others
11. When my mood or emotions change, I can identify what triggered the change
12. People often describe me as empathetic
13. I have hobbies or work in my life that I am passionate about
14. I have control over my life
15. I have a clear vision for my future