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The Human Need To Be Seen

Being on a jumbotron, whether at a sporting event, concert, or public gathering, can elicit various reactions depending on your personality and comfort level with attention. The most common, however, is excitement and enthusiasm. It’s a human need to be seen. We all need to know that we matter. To know that we make a difference; that because we are alive, we have an impact. Somewhere. Somehow. To someone.

It’s such a strong need, that kids will do anything to get attention and recognition when it isn’t there. They’ll act out. They’ll do stupid stuff. They’ll hurt themselves or others. They’ll compromise their values and what they know to be right. They may even turn to suicide.

And adults are no different. While we ultimately grow to where we can affirm ourselves and realize we can find value from within (through the difference we make to others and our simple inherent goodness), to get there, we need encouraging, caring people to help us know that we are valuable, that we are recognized, and that we are important for who we are.

What are you doing to recognize, to see, to truly value the people in your life?

How do you know that your treasuring people is actually making a meaningful difference?

Why do you matter? What are you doing to affirm that you are seen in the world?