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Authentic Leadership Academy

The past month I had the privilege of leading two Authentic Leadership Academies: one in-person and one virtual. This work is deeply fulfilling and meaningful – an expression of my own personal reason for being. After an extremely rewarding in-person event, I wondered if it was possible to bring the same level of depth and connection into an online community. And the amazing group of committed difference-makers surprised me. We had an equally satisfying experience in our four days of the online event.

Both events left me inspired by the power of the human spirit. When a group of people come together committed to be real with each other, they let down their guard and discover their true essence and authentic leadership to create an authentic community. The venue or the medium makes little difference. True magic happens through a shared vision and commitment to be better leaders by being better human beings.

In this video, you will hear from our in-person attendees about their experience in the Academy.

If you would like to join us, both versions will be offered again in the Spring.