Quitting. How to know when it’s time.

Derek Wills, the radio voice for the Calgary Flames was recently asked if he has given up on the Flames this year. At the time of the interview, the team was six points out of a playoff spot with less than ten games remaining. His response was, “Fellas, I have a bad habit of not quitting. I’m going to continue to believe in this team until they’re mathematically eliminated from the playoffs… ”

This has been a frustrating year for Calgary Flames fans. But there was something inspirational in Wills’ response. It’s inspiring to be around people who don’t quit, who believe in a cause despite all odds, who persevere right till the end.

And sometimes quitting is the hardest and most courageous thing you can do.  So how to know?
Sometimes you don’t. You just have to persevere until you do know.

It can hard to know when to exit any relationship – with an organization, a marriage, a business partnership or even a goal you are persuing. Here’s three conditions to assess if it is the right time to say good-bye:

  1. There is nothing more for you to give the relationship. You have given everything you’ve got. Don’t leave because it’s hard. Leave because you are finished.
  2. There is nothing more for you to learn in the relationship. You have learned everything you’re meant to learn. If you leave before you get the lesson, expect facing it again.
  3. Your values are not respected. You’ve brought your whole self to this relationship and who you are is blatantly dishonored, diminished, and disrespected.