Easter… A Time For Reflection

Easter, especially in recent years, has been a time for reflection for me. A time for taking inventory. A time for letting go. A time for renewal. A time for resurrection.

As we grow and evolve, things in our lives need to die to make room for something new. Hanging on too tightly to our old ways of thinking, our old familiar patterns and habits, our possessions, our achievements, our accumulations, blocks new growth.

Death is a part of life. It’s integral to the human experience. When we resist death, we resist life and can’t live fully. Death, letting go, surrendering to what is, is all part of living authentically with richness.

I have been taking an inventory of what I’m letting go of these days:

  • I have experienced the death of two close friends and a family member this past month. Grieving is not easy, and it is necessary.
  • As my business grows to a new level, I am letting go of my need for control. In the past, I have had a strong need for independence and the accompanying illusion of control. When I work alone, I avoid some hassles that come with collaboration, but I can’t take my business to a new level alone. I need others. I am letting go in order to make room for new relationships. It’s not easy, and it is necessary.
  • I am letting go of my need for certainty, and learning that uncertainty is a necessary ingredient to a full, rich life.
  • In grief, new, enriched relationships are born. Letting go of my belief that my security lies in my external world, my need for control, independence, and certainty, means that inner peace, new connections, new opportunities, and a renewed life emerge. In letting go I learn to trust at a new level. New resources arise.

Letting go isn’t complicated. It’s a simple decision.

What are you letting go of these days? What is emerging? What is calling you?