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What would you like from your parents?

“What would you rather receive from your parents: a rich financial inheritance with no character and values, or character and values with no money?” I’ve learned that with character and values you can create wealth and much more.

This week I’ve been sorting through some stuff we’ve accumulated over the past fifty plus years, sorting the wheat from the chaff.

Inside a tattered cardboard box I came across a treasure: a scrapbook that my father compiled from 1939-1949. It contained a summary of the early years of the Rotary Boys’ Town in Calgary. Countless photographs, newspaper articles, and detailed stories filled the pages. The book gave me a taste of the impact the Rotary Club and my father’s leadership had on the youth in Calgary during that decade – and the unimaginable ripples that would circulate outward from these experiences.

Going through the scrapbook reminded me of the inheritance of values and character embedded in me. The joy of choosing service over self-interest. The value of contribution, connection, compassion, and community. The importance of pride in one’s work. The beauty of humanity.

Thank you, Dad. You couldn’t have left me a better inheritance.