Easter… A Time For Reflection

Easter, especially in recent years, has been a time for reflection for me. A time for taking inventory. A time for letting go. A time for renewal. A time for resurrection. As we grow and evolve, things in our lives need to die to make room for something new. Hanging on too tightly to our […]


Finding Balance And Health In Your Culture: Wisdom From A Yogi

Did you ever have a bad day where everything seemed to go wrong? Although our tendency is to blame something in our external environment, it is the state of mind that you bring to your work or your life that determines whether the day is “bad” or “good”. You can train your nervous system to […]


The Art of Building A Strong Culture

Learning to build a culture is an art, and you can master building a culture if you are willing to invest the time and energy. The practice of any art, whether it’s music, carpentry, or athletics, requires four practices: First is discipline. To become good at something, you must undertake it in a disciplined way. […]


Accountability: Getting A Grip On Results

Accountability – Free Whitepaper


Transforming An Organization Into A Community: A Leadership Vision

Leadership is about transforming your culture into a community. A community is a place where work is meaningful, not just menial, where you support people to be genuine contributors, not just “task doers,” where people are honestly valued, rather than used up, where you invite intentional conversations, not just superficial exchanges. Communities are places where […]


The 80% Principle Of Leadership: Managing By Making Room

An astute executive passed along some good wisdom not long ago. “The problem with leaders today is that they expect 100% from their good people, and not enough from their poor performers.” This statement initially puzzled me, but after he explained what he meant, I was inspired. Let me illustrate the principle with an example. […]


From Performance Management To Success Management: A New View of An Old System

When I am asked to work with an organization to help improve their performance management system, my first step is to have leaders look at the request differently. If they want a better process for managing expectations and getting a grip on results, while at the same time making it engaging and meaningful, then “performance” […]


Authenticity and Art: Making the Connection

My father was a “closet artist.” He had a beautiful, artistic side that was repressed because our culture led him to believe that to be successful you had to have an office job, so he was an administrator. Suppressing his artistic, authentic self nearly cost him his life, sending him into an early retirement from […]


Transform Yourself From An “Employee” To A CEO

When a good friend was offered a position as CEO, he wrote me with this question: “If you were taking over an organization as the new CEO, what would be the first 10 questions you would want answers to? Here’s the questions that came to my mind. What would your questions be? What is your […]


The Research on Employee Engagement: It’s Not Rocket Science, But It Is Science

The Gallup Q12 is a survey designed to measure employee engagement. The instrument was the result of hundreds of focus groups and interviews. Researchers found that there were 12 key expectations, that when satisfied, form the foundation of strong feelings of engagement. So far 87,000 work units and 1.5 million employees have participated in the […]